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Things to be kept in Mind before Traveling to Hill Stations

Firstly, check for the climatic conditions as you don’t want it to be raining throughout the day and also avoid going to the hill stations during summers. Different seasons have different things to offer and therefore, plan accordingly.


Book your tickets well in advance. Check for the modes of travel and be aware of the distance between the pickup points and the destinations and check if transportation has to be arranged. Public transportation helps explore places in a local way and you might be able to see more that way.


Decide on the number of days you want to spend in that particular place when you plan. Sometimes guides will be of great help as they will know the place better. Even though there is so much information available on the net, if you are one of those who’d like to explore a place, there will always be more options available locally. Ask the locals for what they would do if they go around the place. Avoid planning your days tightly. The number of items in your to-do list can increase. Prioritize according to your interests.


Treks are one of the most dos when you visit a hill station. You might be able to find trials used by the locals which can be explored by yourself or rent a guide who would be able to help.

Most important of all is budgeting. Also, plan your accommodation accordingly. You will be able to find a lot of website on the net which would provide you with a lot of options and rates.
Check if you would like to pay for your food along with your accommodation or if you’d like to taste the local shops before doing so.


Another one of the main things to keep in mind is that weather conditions change. Check the weather forecast a few days before leaving and it would be of great help. If it’s going to rain heavily, carry rain wear and a pair of extra clothes. They will be of great help.


Always carry a camera with you when you are traveling as you might come across interesting thing. You might not be a photographer but you’ll be able to capture some memories of the good times.


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