What Makes Chandigarh City Unique?

Like many different cities in India, the city of Chandigarh is unique in itself in many ways. Firstly, this city is the first planned city in India and renowned around the world for its modern architecture. In fact, the modern architectural designs have been possible with the contributions of popular architects belonging to different parts of the world. If any individual has a desire to visit a clean and planned city right inside India then he must go to Chandigarh once in his lifetime. Another interesting feature of this city is it serves as the capital for two states – Punjab and Haryana. And it clearly means that visitors can enjoy culture and traditions derived from both the states. Doesn’t it sound enthralling? Don’t you want to visit this place with family and friends?


Many of you may not be aware of this fact but Chandigarh is known as “Pensioner’s Paradise”. This phrase undoubtedly sounds rosy but there is a reason behind giving this name to Chandigarh. Since Chandigarh serves as a capital for two states, primarily three governments work actively in the city. As a result, a large percentage of the population is either employed in government organizations or retired from these organizations. And this is the reason why it is called “Pensioner’s Paradise”. So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of the city with the highest per capita income, plan a visit to Chandigarh at the earliest possible.


On your visit to Chandigarh, there are various tourist spots that can be visited. Some of the popular spots include:

The Rock Garden - This garden is one of the most popular spots in Chandigarh and one must visit it while staying in the city. The USP of this place is it is built using waste material.

Rose Garden - The Zakir Hussain botanical garden is a pleasure to the eyes. The garden is the house to 50,000 rose bushes belonging to 1600 different species. Various events throughout the year are hosted in this garden and travelers participate in these events enthusiastically.


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