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Solitude and Romance in the Himalayas

Nature and romance has a very special connection. Being closest to the nature makes you realises life’s greatest blessings and seeing the world from a close distanced makes us want to celebrate our vital emotions like love, faith and fear. May be, that is why the greatest of the temples rests in the high mountains or by the gurgling rivers. Because, staying close to nature makes you realise the existence of the special power that keeps us grounded to this earth and life. May be this is why, the most romantic places on earth are always found in distance meadows. And for the same reason, we seek thrill to overcome our fears by overcoming some of the most feared natural forces in the world. Nature has this magic to make us realise our true existence.


Thus, celebrating a union with nature has always been a favourite practice by men. From getting married by the beach to discovering romance in the deep seas- some of the most romantic affairs in the world are celebrated in places full of natural bounty. Speaking of such celebrations, most of the honeymooners are often headed to places away from the hassled city life and try discovering romance through rejuvenation. Among many popular honeymoon destinations in India, Himachal Pradesh tops the list by being the most easily accessible, pocket friendly fairytale spot in India. Honeymoon in the valley by the lofty mountains and red rhododendrons may sound like a picture torn from a romance novel but that special feeling really exists.


Life can be indeed a fairy tale romance when you rattle through the snow by a colonial train. A train ride up to Shimla from Delhi during the winters is the perfect thing to kick off your honeymoon. And a different world waits at the end of those snow covered railway tracks. A languid evening by the fire place in a well maintained hotel is a common activity in Shimla as the place is full of specially designed honeymoon accommodations. Further, strolling the famous Mall Road with your partner hand in hand or riding on a Yak in Kufri, in the upper Shimla- a honeymoon in Shimla can be the most beautiful to happen to you.


These days, honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh has been made further special by the addition of many adventure sports activities where couples can explore their wilder sides by paragliding over the breathtaking valleys or hiking in the wining pathways. For those seeing more privacy and solitude, picnic spots away from popular towns like Shimla, Manali and Dharamshala can be a better option. Cottages and special spa facilities are also available in different isolated spots where the only sound you hear is of the gurgling rivers and frolicking birds and the chuckles of your partner.


A spa experience is probably the ultimate honeymoon experience where you get to combine the benefits of the Himalayan climate, Ayurveda and great company. The result is a relaxed and happy you. Thus, when you return from an exotic honeymoon in the Himachal, the only thing you remember is the bliss you were gifted with. And what can be a better option than shopping to make your partner happy and ask yourself in the glory of togetherness.


Although, it is not necessary to seek romance outside the confinements of your daily life, a gateway definitely helps in putting together the special parts of your life. Thus, celebrating your honeymoon in the wilderness is the most beneficial exercise you can effortlessly perform.


Special honeymoon packages in Himachal Pradesh are available all around the year and each of them only specialize in blowing your mind away. A honeymoon package can be booked from any authorized tour operator but make sure you discuss the facilities beforehand.


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