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Kasauli: The Poetic Charms of This Himachal Town

Kasauli is one of those towns which refuse to move forward with time. We may be hurtling towards 2014, but this peaceful little hamlet-like town is still that good, old Kasauli which drew the British in huge numbers. You may have read Ruskin Bond’s stories and if you got charmed by the hillside beauty which he depicted of Mussoorie, then you can compare them easily to that of Kasauli.


Full of gardens, flowers, birds and trees, this place is serene and pacific. The mountains seem so quiet and laidback in this region that you feel as if time has paused for eternity. Shimla is a crowded town which is just 76 km away. But it is hard to imagine that the cacophonic Shimla is so close to this town which is a veritable epitome of serenity and tranquility. If you wanted to fall in love with nature, then Kasauli is the place you should walk into. Don’t worry, there are lots of attractions and there are great hotel facilities. Even a honeymoon in its quiet locales would fill you up with warm memories. And the icing on the cake is the fact that Himachal tourism packages for Kasauli can be very cheap!


When to Visit Kasauli: Kasauli can be visited round the year, since the summer is pleasant and winter is not harsh! However, ideally if you are looking to escape the summer heat of your cities, then plan a Kasauli trip during the months of April-October.


Things to do in Kasauli: As a tourist and a sightseer, you will not be left wondering as to what to do in this place. There is a handy variety and you would surely be spoilt for choice. Some of the top things that you can do in its endearing ambience are as follows:


1. Checking Out the Viewpoints: There is nothing better than to climb up a mountain and check the valleys and gorges from those special viewpoints. The Monkey Point is the most favored spot from where you can get a breathtaking view of the region. And do not dare to forget your cameras while hopping over to this place.


2. Bird-Watching: If you love birds, then Kasauli would be a treat for you! It is no wonder that this town is the home to so many colorful and attractive birds. After all, where else could the birds have nested when they have this one-of-a-kind Kasauli to tempt them? When they chirp in thousands, you will feel like you are listening to Beethoven’s symphonies! There are some lovely stretches of forests and woods which are replete with deodar trees. Just take an amble on to these areas and your ears would get attuned to the melodies of the chirping mynahs and the singing cuckoos!


3. Explore the Churches: Yes, Kasauli has some old churches which are quite beautiful and would make you drown into a miasma of nostalgia. Some are in decadent conditions, but they will make lovely snapshots.


4. Outdoor Sports: Apart from walking, hiking and camping, Himachal tour is also known for its entourage of adventure sports. So, trekking and paragliding should find ample space in your Kasauli itinerary.


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